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My name is Timo Fischer and I am the founder and CEO of Since 2015, the topic of digital decoration has been an integral part of my life and in 2023, after a good year of work, I was finally able to publish this website.

Several thousand hours of work went into the website, the tools and everything around it. In principle, I offer these services for free, but these projects consume not only a lot of time, but also several thousand euros. These money expenses arise for me mainly from my self-built recording studio/office, server operation, software licenses and hardware. I cover the costs of the project myself and pay for everything out of my own pocket.
If you have the financial means to do so, I would appreciate a small contribution to help cover the costs. This is possible via PayPal or bank transfer.


Timo Fischer

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According to §19 Abs. 1 UStG no sales tax will be charged for all contributions. The payment recipient in this case is the Kleingewerbe “”. Further information in the Impressum.