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Over the past few years, the topic of digital decoration has become a permanent part of many homes around the world! As more people became aware of the theme, there is a greater need for good help in the implementation of projects. In 2020, I developed the AtmosFX-Customizer on timofischerprojects.com to give non-technical users easy tools to customize their digital decoration from AtmosFX to their needs.

But since just one programm with a small bunch of user-friendly tools is not enough to help all beginners and professionals, we developed in 2023 the DigitalDecoration-Player. It contains not only the old tools from the Customizer back then, but also many new tools and also features like the wiki, purchase advisors and much more.

Many tools are free of charge

We know that not everyone has a lot of money to spend and many use it to give their children a great experience. Therefore, almost all tools on this page can be used privately free of charge in the basic variant and we help you in many places with tips to spend the money targeted and thus save time and money. The project is therefore mainly supported by voluntary donations and affiliate links.

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The user statistics also include the data from the predecessor software (AtmosFX-Customizer).