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You want to start with digital decoration, but have no idea how to do it? No problem! Here in the wiki you’ll find all the answers!


Starter guide – Where should I start?
Projectors – Which should I use?
Which projection material is best suited?
Projection type – Disc (Moon)
Projection type – Pumpkins
Projection type – Prop (3DFX)
Projection type – Window
Projection type – Hollusion (Hologram)
Projection type – Wall
Projection type – Shadows
Projection type – TV
Manufacturer of Digital Decorations

Technology, hardware and more

MedeaWiz โ€“ Sprite Media Player
MedeaWiz โ€“ Sprite Media Player โ€“ Wireless button
Projector – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Tips, tools and tricks

Match the faces to the pumpkins!
How do I fit a video to my window?
Color the BooCrew from AtmosFX!
How do I translate AtmosFX videos to German?