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Disc projection is a special form of digital decoration. A round, mostly white disc usually serves as projection material. For example, you can show a moon floating on a roof or between trees or in the window.

Customer application images

Material list

1x Projector
In general, almost any projector is suitable. Here are a few specs we recommend:

  • min. 800×480 pixel
  • min. 1000 ANSI-lumens/2000 lumens

Finde more specs and tips at the buyer’s guide for projectors – Start advisor

1x USB-Stick/SD-Card/MediaPlayer/Laptop/PC
What you need here depends on the projector.

  • USB Stick/SD-Card: Most TVs today can play videos from USB sticks/SD-Cards. Therefore you do not necessarily need a media player/computer.
  • MediaPlayer: Can be very handy if you want to start your setup with a timer. Or want to do something like motion sensors. You can find a list of recommended media players here.
  • Laptop/PC: Most of them have a laptop or PC at home and are therefore a good and free alternative before you buy a MediaPlayer.

1x Set of speakers (optional)
Of course, you can also use the projector’s internal speakers. But with small $5 PC speakers, not only will the sound come directly from the projection, but it will sound better in many cases. Keep in mind that you may need an extension wire for AUX and power for the speakers. Bluetooth speakers will also work, but we would also recommend using these by cable, as a cable connection is more stable, easier to set up, works directly, and often with Bluetooth there are slight shifts between picture and sound.

1x Disc
For the disc, you have three options:

  • Decorating Disc XL – 43 Inch/109cm
    Original accessories from AtmosFX – View at AtmosFX.com¹
  • Folding reflector
    Many sets have diffuser, which is virtually identical in construction to the original from AtmosFX. Only here are even more sizes and shapes available. Example product on Amazon.com¹
  • DIY
    You can also make your own solution with a Holla-Hoop hoop and translucent white fabric.

1x Effect video (at least one single video, better one set)

Halloween Moon
from AtmosFX Inc.

Price (total): $29
Price (per min): $2.17
Duration: 00:13:23

What mysteries take place under the gaze of the moon? With lunar light as a backdrop, cats creep, crows caw, and witches whisk through the night air.

Legends of Halloween
from AtmosFX Inc.

Price (total): $59
Price (per min): $1.79
Duration: 00:32:55

October 31 is one day a year, yet some live it forever. They are icons, distinctive and eternal, who embody Halloween.

Yuletide Window
from AtmosFX Inc.

Price (total): $19
Price (per min): $4.51
Duration: 00:04:13

The colors of the Christmas season are on glorious display with Yuletide Window, a radiant collection of iconic animated stained glass-displays.

Find more and suitable videos on your topic in the purchase advisor – Start advisor

How-To Guide

  1. Buy a projector

    Use the specs from the material list or in our buyers advisor

  2. Buy a Disc/Reflector

    Find more information in the material list

  3. Buy the effect video (One set is enough for the beginning)

    There are many themes for digital decoration. Therefore, we recommend you to use our buyers advisor to find the set that best suits your application.

  4. Download the scenes for the Disc-Mode

    Note: In many sets, a direct download of the intended projection type is not provided, instead it is sorted by horizontal and vertical files. In this case, the videos for the projection type you have in mind are located in an appropriately named folder in the downloaded ZIP directory.

  5. Unzip the ZIP file

    Windows: Right click on the ZIP file => Select “Extract All…”. => Follow the dialog

  6. Transfer the Videos from the folder to an USB stick or SD card which you put into the projector/mediaplayer

    Note: Of course you can also use your laptop or PC to play the videos

  7. Place the Disc in a suitable place where your visitors can see them well

    We’ll explain the best way to do this in the Tips and Tricks section below

  8. Put the projector in front/behind of the Disc and start the video

  9. Align the projector so that its image best fills the projection surface

  10. Enjoy how your guests are delighted

How-To Video

Tips and Tricks

How do I hide my projector?

A projector that stands exposed is not only not weather-protected, but usually also does not look good. We therefore recommend to hide the projector. This can be in a small box with a hole or a hollowed out tombstone. Your creativity has no limits here! But don’t forget that the warm air has to come out somewhere!

Are there other languages available at AtmosFX besides English?

The videos are only available in English on the AtmosFX website. But thanks to the AtmosFX Translator project by they are now also available in German. You can find more information here.

How do I create a floating moon?

Stretch a rope, for example, between two posts. Hang the disc between them. Done.


You have more questions? Then post them in the comments or contact us via the contact form!

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