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On this page you will find a list of digital decoration producers we know. You miss someone? No problem! Please let us know via our contact form!

Animondy Projections

Here at Animondy Projections we create digital decorations (projection videos) to help create a spooky atmosphere for your home.

AtmosFX Inc.

AtmosFX is a Seattle-based company aspiring to dramatically change how people decorate their homes, offices – essentially everywhere – for holidays, parties and special occasions of all shapes and sizes.


Video/Film Production - Video Effects -- Halloween Projections


HallowFX is a digital decoration publisher who sells Halloween and Christmas themed videos.


hallowindow is a digital decoration manufacturer that sells Halloween-themed videos.

spectral illusions

Spectral Illusions is a digital content creation company that specializes in animation, visual effects, projection mapping, and virtual reality experiences, offering full-service production and consultation for a wide range of projects. is the owner of this website. Originally born out of the need to find a name for a common website for different hobbies, is now an one-person company specializing in software solutions in the field of digital decoration and translation and re-voicing of English decorations into German.


Unfortunately, these manufacturers did not make it into the main wiki, but we still want to list them here for the sake of completeness:

total Home Decor


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