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Name timofischerprojects.com
Headquarter Leimen – Germany
Website https://timofischerprojects.com
Timo Fischer
Year of foundation 2015


timofischerprojects.com is the owner of this website. Originally born out of the need to find a name for a common website for different hobbies, timofischerproject.com is now an one-person company specializing in software solutions in the field of digital decoration and translation and re-voicing of English decorations into German. With the german speaking set “Weihnachtskerzen” (Christmas candles) timofischerprojects.com also entered the production of Digital Decoration in 2021.

Published DigitalDecoration

from timofischerprojects.com

Price (total): 49.99€
Price (per min): 5.56€
Duration: 00:08:59

ChristmasCandles is the first completely self-developed Digital Decoration by timofischerprojects.com. In it, four beautiful candles sing Christmas carols or say a poem in German.


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