119$! Why the most expensive set from AtmosFX is actually almost the cheapest.

Two years ago (2021), there were many nasty comments here in this group about a new set from AtmosFX. “Way too expensive,” “They must have gone crazy,” “Are they out of their minds?” and “This is way more expensive than the previous ones!” In the end, even AtmosFX had to respond with an extra post.

We’re talking about HalloweenHosts. Nobody doubted the quality, because it was phenomenal again in the usual AtmosFX manner. But the price was criticized. The complete set cost $119. But was the criticism justified?

With the question “How expensive can a set be?” many compare it over the content or the number of videos. But that is only half the truth. More important or consistent here is actually the runtime. AtmosFX gives the runtime of individual videos, but these are only hidden to find and usually not well written out. For sets like “Marley’s Ghost” the information how many minutes you get is missing even completely!


Many who start with the topic of digital decoration often start with the pumpkins and then of course look directly at the price. Part 1 is the cheapest here at $39. For parts 2 and 3, AtmosFX charges $49. Therefore many buy part 1. But that part 1 with 11:23 min has more than half less runtime than for example part 2 (26:37 min) many do not see. So the following minute prices result (ppm):

Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree: $3.43 ppm
Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 2: $1.84 ppm
Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 3: $2 ppm


Prices at AtmosFX Sets range from $6.79 ppm (Santa’s Sleigh Ride) to $0.79 ppm (Winter Wonderland). HalloweenHosts is $1.95 per minute with a runtime of slightly over an hour. And is thus very good in terms of price performance. (Important: Basis of calculation is if you buy all display modes for $119. If you buy e.g. “only” Hollusion, you are already at $0.96 per minute!!!)

FunFact: HalloweenHosts in the UnLiving Portraits version also costs “only” $0.79 per minute with $49.

So you can see that the negative excitement was completely unfounded.

But before everybody tries to find out how long the runtime of each set is and how the “price per minute” is, I summarized the whole thing on my website: https://digitaldecorationplayer.com/wiki/manufacturer-of-digital-decorations/atmosfx-inc/

What is your opinion on the subject?

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The AtmosFX Team has heard the concerns that some have voiced about the new pricing structure for Halloween Hosts. As always we very much appreciate your honest feedback.

Not only does Halloween Hosts contain vastly more content than any previous decoration collection, it is also our most ambitious project with the highest-quality animation yet and includes our first new 3DFX content since Boo Crew. In order to make it as accessible as possible and after much discussion, we felt the best decision was to split the collection up by display modes. It wasn’t a choice we made lightly. While we recognize this makes the entire collection more expensive if someone purchases all display modes, we also recognize that most people don’t use all display modes. We also offer each of the three Hosts split up by display mode for $25 each, and $10 off each additional Host display mode if you want 2 or 3.

Since the complete collection with all display modes is so much larger than anything we have ever released we wanted it to be easier for fans to not have to download a lot of files for display modes they won’t use which is another reason why we broke this collection down the way we did.

We are very proud of this digital decoration collection and the new technology we used to create it. With that said, we understand that everyone has unique decorating needs and look forward to seeing how you will all be decorating for this Halloween, whether with Halloween Hosts or any of our other 30+ Halloween digital decoration collections.

Thank you for being a fan of AtmosFX and we hope you have an amazing Halloween this year!

AtmosFX Inc. 24. September 2021 – https://www.facebook.com/groups/atmosfxdecoratingcommunity/permalink/876313989667599/

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