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Name MedeaWiz
Headquarter USA
Year of foundation 1996


MedeaWiz is a total multimedia solution provider. MedeaWiz was founded in 1996 with a mission to develop unique, state-of-the-art electronics hardware specifically for use in the multimedia market.


Sprite Media Player (DV-S1)
from MedeaWiz

The Sprite is a FullHD media player from MedeaWiz or Team Kingsley LLC. It finds many applications in marketing and digital decoration projects.

9X28D Hydra I/O Expander
from MedeaWiz

The H-9X28D Hydra input / output expander for the Sprite allows you to use more push buttons to trigger more files, and has 8 low voltage outputs to turn on lamps or relays. Connect up to 25 pushbuttons or a keypad to play up to 99 files. It has over 75 modes of operation including DMX512, MIDI, escape room puzzles and games.

Stealth PIR Motion Sensor
from MedeaWiz

The MSA-B is a packaged “stealth” black PIR motion sensor that is Plug-N-Play for the Sprite. It will trigger action files on the Sprite, when motion is detected crossing its view. It is pre-wired to plug directly into the Sprite’s I/O port.


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