Facade of Fright – AtmosFX

Manufacturer AtmosFX Inc.
Language NonVerbal
Other languages n/A
Release date Unkown
Duration 00:01:54
Resolution/Fileformat 1920×1080 / .mp4
Price $12
Price per minute $6.32
Number of scenes 1 Total
  • 1 Other
Alignment Horizontal
Available projection types Wall
Theme tags Halloween

Manufacturer description

It’s not just your sanity that’s cracking, your wall is too! A most unnerving poltergeist probes for a way into your room — and your mind. This disturbing display is just one of three projections contained in the Paranormal Passage Digital Decoration Collection. This Halloween, see how fragile the barrier between the paranormal and our world can be.

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Contains the following scenes

Facade of Fright

Duration: 00:01:54
Type of Scene: Other
Price: Can’t be purchased individually
Price per minute: n/A
Included in: Paranormal Passage, Facade of Fright

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