Traditional Victorian – AtmosFX

Manufacturer AtmosFX Inc.
Language NonVerbal
Other languages n/A
Release date Unkown
Duration 00:01:00
Resolution/Fileformat 1920×1080 / .mp4
Price $6
Price per minute $6
Number of scenes 1 Total
  • 1 Other
Alignment Horizontal
Available projection types Hollusion
Theme tags Christmas

Manufacturer description

A classic 19th century-style Christmas tree is adorned with twinkling candles, cheerful poinsettias, candy canes, and gingerbread men. This impeccably detailed evergreen is one of four projections contained in The Virtual Christmas Tree Digital Decoration Collection. Shining bright with lights and ornaments, each tree is easy to set up, has no mess, and is sure to delight friends and family.

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Contains the following scenes

Traditional Victorian

Duration: 00:01:00
Type of Scene: Other
Price: Can’t be purchased individually
Price per minute: n/A
Included in: Virtual Christmas Tree, Traditional Victorian

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