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Manufacturer HallowFX
Language English
Other languages n/A
Release date Unkown
Duration n/A
Price $9.99
Price per minute $n/A
Number of scenes 1 Total
  • 1 Speaking/Story
Available projection types
Theme tags Clowns

Manufacturer description

An alternative creepy clown to project onto a styrofoam head. The cartoon style creepy clown has vivid colors to make the illusion really pop!.

As with all of our Styrofoam Head Projections, please download the free head alignment projection to ensure that you are able to project this decoration effectively before purchasing.

This decoration comes with two different zooms to provide you with more flexibility on projector placement.

Customer application images

You have some great photos of this set, which you would like to make available to us? Then simply send them to us by mail! Thank you very much for your support!

Contains the following scenes

Cartoon Clown Head

Duration: n/A
Type of Scene: Speaking/Story
Price: Can’t be purchased individually
Price per minute: n/A
Included in: Cartoon Clown Head

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