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Manufacturer HallowFX
Language NonVerbal
Other languages n/A
Release date Unkown
Duration n/A
Price $4.99
Price per minute $n/A
Number of scenes 1 Total
  • 1 Other
Available projection types
Theme tags Halloween

Manufacturer description

Let’s face it – Zombies are cool and Halloween wouldn’t be the same without them! These zombie projections come with different backgrounds so you can pick the color that best works in your haunt. The shadow or silhouette style creates an eerie effect and is great with even a low powered projector. Recommended for windows, this projection will certainly add the Z factor to your Halloween decorations.

Customer application images

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Contains the following scenes

Zombies are Coming!

Duration: n/A
Type of Scene: Other
Price: Can’t be purchased individually
Price per minute: n/A
Included in: Zombies are Coming!

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