Haunted Handprints – AtmosFX

Manufacturer AtmosFX Inc.
Language NonVerbal
Other languages n/A
Release date 2022
Duration 00:02:41
Resolution/Fileformat 1920×1080 / .mp4
Price $15
Price per minute $5.59
Number of scenes 1 Total
  • 1 Other
Alignment Horizontal
Available projection types TV/Monitor
TV/Monitor – Blacklight
TV/Monitor – Flashlight
TV/Monitor – Lightning
Wall – Blacklight
Wall – Flashlight
Wall – Lightning
Window – Blacklight
Window – Flashlight
Window – Lightning
Theme tags Atmospheric

Manufacturer description

Paranormal handprints appear to press onto this early plane. Are they human – or just a hallucination? “Haunted Handprints” is one of three individual decorations that complete the Spectral Signs Decoration Collection. Available in four colors and four lighting variations, the wholly unnatural handprints add a sense of dread to any Halloween display, whether projected on windows and walls, or played on a TV.

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Contains the following scenes


Duration: 00:02:41
Type of Scene: Other
Price: Can’t be purchased individually
Price per minute: n/A
Included in: Spectral Signs, Haunted Handprints

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